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Conversations About Race

Everybody wants to do the right thing. Whether that’s talking about Black Lives Matter, celebrating Black History Month, or simply having a conversation in the workplace. But people are cautious, scared of saying the wrong thing, using out of date terminology. By talking about race, this workshop helps with starting conversations and will assist you in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Increase your confidence in talking about race, as well as gaining an enhanced awareness of how to reduce bias in your behaviour and how to manage a racially diverse team with greater empathy, understanding and skill.

This online workshop explores issues surrounding race in our society and examines what we can all do to encourage and improve conversations around race.

In this 60-minute webinar, delegates can expect to:

  • You will have identified why talking about race is difficult.
  • Have the confidence and be comfortable with starting conversations about race in your workplace.
  • Demonstrate top tips for starting conversation about race and building an inclusive workplace.
  • Be more comfortable and confident when managing a racially diverse team with greater empathy, understanding and skill.

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