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A message from our founder

Our founder, Nicole O’Callaghan, lives by the core value of Hope. Hope means, a desire for things to change for the better and is part of everyone’s life. Everyone hopes for something.

Sometimes in life we can lose our hope and it may start to affect the way we feel, think, and behave. This may start to impact our work, life and relationships.

Hope Health isn’t just another Employee Assistance Program. We support organisations through services that consistently and tangibly cultivate that hope in their people. This is when we see consistent change for the better.

We are all human and it’s inevitable that at times our people will experience tough situations. Hope and the right support can make it more bearable and will improve people's lives. It will also empower and motivate individuals to take steps to make that positive change happen.

Everyone has the power to live their life with purpose and thrive- sometimes they need a little help and a little hope.

Nicole O'Callaghan

MHFA Adult & Youth Instructor
BA Honours Business
Keynote Speaker (PTSD, Stigma, Suicide, Resilience)
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Clients trained in Mental Health First Aid and Workplace Wellbeing

Our Vision & Values

At Hope Health we believe that everyone deserves to thrive at work and not in spite of it.

That is why we are committed to protecting the wellbeing of your people to ensure they live happier, healthier and more hopeful lives.

All of our services have been curated to achieve this, as well as reducing workplace stress/absenteeism, attract and retain the best talent and create psychologically safe workplaces.

Working with Experts

We have a team of accredited wellbeing experts to deliver bespoke wellbeing seminars, workshops & events directly to your office or off-site location. All our offerings have been carefully designed to tangibly transform workplace wellbeing.

Our Services

From mental health first-aid training, virtual wellbeing webinars to wellbeing events; we build tailored programs that bring the results needed to ensure companies, schools & communities have a fully embedded, holistic wellbeing culture that takes care of the people that matter the most.

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