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Developing Coping & Learned Management Strategies

Focusing on their journey of self-awareness and contextual understanding of the significant pressures on mental health that are part of life today, we will talk from the experience about:

  • Their own personal triggers, and how they learned about them.
  • How they used to mask them, and why. And the impact of doing so.
  • The journey to implementing effective coping strategies and the benefits.

This session is designed to acknowledge the impacts of not managing mood in a positive or constructive way. Often, we may not even know that we are struggling, and when we do, what we do about it varies massively. From a male point of view, this is often dictated by the stigma associated with being seen as ‘weak’ or ‘unable to cope’. The idea that it’s better to ‘keep your head down’, and to stick your head in the sand, or turn to unhealthy, but socially acceptable coping strategies will be blown apart here, with a focus on encouraging people to Acknowledge that they may not be in a bad place, and take Positive Steps to get help, Manage things on an ongoing basis, and feel better.

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