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Exploring Modern Masculinity & Importance Of Empathy

Our speakers will talk about the social construct of masculinity, using examples from growing up in the UK. Phrases such as ‘stiff upper lip’, ‘be a man’, ‘man-up’, ‘strong and silent type’ are still used in everyday language – with what impact?

They’ll talk about how there are signs that some things are changing, but how there’s still a long way to go, and why the vision of Dudes & Dogs ‘For men in every corner of the world to know it’s not just okay to talk, it’s vitally important’, is such a burning imperative for each of them.

From their varying professional backgrounds, we will talk about our real-world impact of these ‘rules’ in the workplace, and how it can affect relationships, performance and career choices.

The team will share some insights into the Dog Dude training, and the principles behind it, giving them techniques they regularly use in order to create ‘safe’ spaces for guys to feel they can open up and discuss things that they may have never done before.

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