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Handling Menopause In The Workplace

The experience for women going through the Menopause varies dramatically, with marked differences in the number and severity of symptoms encountered.  Some characteristic symptoms of the Menopause are well known but some are much less well known, such as disconcerting and apparently causeless anxiety and disrupted sleep, and this can cause additional distress as their hormonal root cause is not understood. Some symptoms can be relatively well concealed or managed in the workplace and hence will not be apparent to co-workers, while others can be more evident or problematical, leading in some cases to significant distress, incidents or perceived performance issues. Appreciation and understanding of the Menopausal journey can help not only the affected women but also their colleagues and managers.

Participants will achieve:

  • A good comprehension of the Menopause, sufficient to improve the experience of women’s treatment of their own experiences and care for affected work colleagues
  • Demystifying through improved understanding and reduced stigma, to enable better workplace communication about the Menopause 
  • Familiarisation with practical examples and supportive solutions for managing Menopausal issues in the workplace.

Session Duration

1 hour(s)



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