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How To Enrich Your Sleep Naturally

Sleep is an activity we all engage in, and healthy sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Healthy sleep is important for the brain and the body, supporting our physical health, emotional wellbeing and cognition at any age. It’s the time when the body does its repair and maintenance works helping you to be the best you can be.

Inadequate sleep, however, has detrimental effects on our quality of life and performance. For example, poor sleep reduces innovative thinking and attentional management, while it increases risk taking and impacts moral behaviours. Given the high prevalence of inadequate sleep in the society, these effects can be pervasive and add up affecting not only the performance of the individual but also the productivity of a team or company as a whole. (Negative outcomes associated with poor employee sleep include absenteeism, presenteeism, decreased productivity, and increased health care costs. According to a recent Rand report poor sleep is costing the UK economy £40bn annually.)

This workshop provides an introduction to the topic of sleep. Attendees will learn more about how sleep is regulated and how it supports physical and mental health as well as performance by protecting and restoring proper brain function for example. The workshop also includes practical advice and tangible takeaways on how to sleep well, and supports attendees in creating their own, personal sleep plan.

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