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Mental Health Matters

Hope Healths, Mental Health Matters webinar provides all staff with an understanding of mental health and teaches how to enhance personal wellbeing and best support peers and colleagues.

We all have mental health. And yet all too often we can be reluctant to acknowledge or talk about distress and its potential impact, which paradoxically makes any distress we may be feeling, more difficult to manage.
This session is designed to be appropriate for all staff throughout an organisation, providing a solid foundation for a better understanding mental health.

The session can be completed online or face to face.

The session will:

  • Explore what Mental Health is
  • Understand factors that effect mental health
  • Identify Stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health issues
  • Help individuals understand how they can protect their own mental health
  • Know where to reach out should someone need support

The overall intention is that participants leave feeling more confident and comfortable approaching the subject of mental health, understand how distress and illness show up, get a handle on the key factors that minimise distress and maximise our wellbeing, and take away with them some tools to do this.

Session Duration

1 hour(s)



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