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Stress and burnout are becoming more common place in the working environment. Women are twice as likely to suffer from stress than men (MHFA 2020), and with the onset of Covid, depression and general anxiety are increasing at an alarming rate (Mental Health Foundation 2020).

What is also driving this crisis is a lack of awareness of how daily life and work pressures are impacting upon us. Equally, it could be an unrealistic achievement orientation, over expectation, gender bias or even unrealistic goal setting that is creating dissatisfaction. Ultimately performance will suffer.

Participants will achieve:

  • Understand key factors of mental health, well-being, emotional confidence,
  • resilience, motivation and belief systems
  • Identify and understand current stress levels via a personalised audit
  • Create an action plan of personalised goal setting
  • Understand motivational drivers and how these are linked to personal
  • achievement orientation
  • Measure and accelerate personal self-belief, resilience and emotional confidence

Session Duration

1 hour(s)



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