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Tackling Stress & Anxiety Naturally

The role of stress as a driving force behind physical, mental and emotional ill-health and tension cannot be over-stated. We often think of infectious organisms as the greatest risk to our health and productivity, but it is now recognised that excessive stress on the body is an even greater foe. Understanding what causes the body to handle stress poorly, what are the tell-tail signs of chronic stress and what proactive measures can be taken to safeguard our body and minds from stress will all be covered in the talk. We will cover how stress can develop into anxiety and the best natural remedies and lifestyle habits to combat anxiety.

Participants will achieve:

  • An understanding of how stress impacts our physical, mental and emotional well-being and how to recognise symptoms
  • An understanding of actions that will help the body handle stress, and when professional medical help is recommended
  • Access to a summary sheet of self-help measures to build resilience to stress and anxiety
  • Sufficient understanding to support workplace communication about stress and anxiety 

Session Duration

1 hour(s)



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