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The Science Of Sleep

All organisms have an internal biological body clock that allows them to keep track of daily time and anticipate daily changes. It also drives or regulates near 24-hour, circadian rhythms in physiology and behaviour, helping us to respond appropriately to a constantly changing environment. For us, the cycle of sleep and wakefulness is the most familiar circadian rhythm.

Daily regular light exposure is needed to keep our body clock in sync with the external day. However, when the body clock is misaligned with the natural light-dark cycle this can lead to physical and mental diseases as well as impaired performance.

This workshop explores the internal body clock, how it is implicated in many behavioural and psychophysiological processes and why most people find it easier to adapt to westward travel compared to eastward travel. You will learn how to prepare for long-distance travel and how to minimise jet lag.

This workshop explores the master internal body clock, the personal sleep window, social jet lag, and chrono-nutrition. You will learn how to identify your chronotype (preference for the timing of sleep and wake) and how it affects your behaviours. This workshop will also give you the understanding what lifestyle factors can help strengthen the alignment between your internal clock and the external day to maximise your mental and physical performance.

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