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To ‘Be A Man’

Dudes & Dogs will talk about our careers, lives and learnings. Each has gone through their own (very different) journey, learning a lot about themselves and making changes to the way they manage their physical and mental wellbeing.

UK statistics highlight the scale of the challenge when trying to change expectations of men in the workplace and wider society as a whole. This is driven by ‘Stigmas Around Masculinity’ that forms the basis of the Dudes & Dogs Wellbeing Consultancy flagship programme ‘Let’s Talk about SAM’.

They’ll talk about their involvement with Dudes & Dogs, their responsibilities as trained walk hosts, and how their dogs have made a difference to their lives.

Speaking openly and honestly, we will share our observations and tips for managing mental wellbeing at home and at work, and the importance of normalising conversations around mental health in society.

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8 hour(s)



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30th August 2021 - 9:00 am
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