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Unconscious Bias

We’ve all heard of unconscious bias; some of us may even know what it means. Some of us think we know what it means. Most of us don’t understand what it really means. That’s where this course comes in.

The course explains what unconscious biases and how we can overcome our unconscious bias to improve decision making and professional relationships; to create more open, inclusive and effective organisations. Using examples and interactive exercises the course takes a straightforward look at one of the most important current issues in diversity and inclusion.

In this 60-minute webinar, delegates can expect to:

  • Learning about unconscious bias in the workplace and why it matters – How unconscious bias affects decision making in activities such as recruitment, people development, performance management, leadership and marketing.
  • Understanding types of bias – An exploration of how unconscious bias works, including implicit association, affinity bias, and the unconscious organisation.
  • Knowing ways to override natural bias – Practical ways to challenge our own biases, to consciously break habits and to do things differently.

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