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Unwinding From Work For Better Recovery & Sleep

Personal resources including optimism, energy, motivation, and health are important factors influencing levels of work engagement. Work demands, job stressors and family life deplete personal resources over the course of the day. Recovery processes replenish and nurture personal resources and restore the ability to be productive at work. Recovery occurs largely after work (off-the-job), with sleep playing a key role in this process. However, recovery can also take place during work hours (on-the-job). Short breaks help employees maintain energy and work performance. And how employees manage the boundaries between work and home life affects how well they can detach from and reattach to work which in turn affects work engagement.

In this seminar you will learn more about recovery, how to enhance this process by focusing on key recovery experiences, and how these can impact sleep. While we briefly touch on healthy sleep habits, the focus is on developing your own recovery plan to facilitate job performance and maintain (nurture) wellbeing and a healthy sleep.

This seminar will introduce the topic of sleep and how it differs in many aspects between women and men. Special emphasis will be placed on the menopause transition and sleep. The seminar includes a mix of theory, practical advice and tangible takeaways on how to sleep well.

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