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Workplace Health: A Natural, Preventative Approach

This 60-minute session explores how to maintain good health across the body’s systems to safeguard against the main categories of ill health in modern society, highlighting how we can undo damage already done, aiming to reach optimal health for our own bodies. We will examine the growing evidence that taking practical action can prevent future ill health and our session leader will provide straight forward advice on adopting nutritional, lifestyle, exercise habits that will enhance current wellbeing and protect our future health. 

In this 60-minute webinar, delegates can expect to:

  • Understand the fundamentals for restoring, maintaining and enhancing overall health and wellbeing
  • To understand the root causes underpinning the main health conditions experienced in the workplace, such as heart disease, and an overview of the individual actions that are likely to prevent their occurrence
  • Have access to a summary sheet setting out top self-help tips for maintaining good health

Session Duration

1 hour(s)



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