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Workplace Resilience & Goal Setting

Resilience is often described as “bounce-back-ability”, it’s the ability to overcome setbacks, to work through difficult circumstances and return to our ‘normal’ selves as quickly as possible. However, this is just one side to resilience. As well as moving away from negative emotions and challenging circumstances, resilient people also move towards more positive and productive circumstances. Achievement orientation and thriving are key behaviours shown by highly resilient people.

The ability to bounce back from adversity and have the drive and determination to stay focused on achieving goals is so important in today’s uncertain world. And the wonderful thing about resilience is that it can be developed. We all have the ability to build and improve our resilience, all it takes is practice.

There are two sessions available that can be completed together as a mini-series or in isolation. The goals session is a practical workshop where participants will be expected to follow along with instructions throughout the session. The happiness session is more of a lecture format where participants will be given some practical tips to take away but won’t be expected to complete any of the exercises live in the session.

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