Managing Mental Health in the workplace during the Coronavirus Crisis

Hope Health in conjunction with East Midlands Chamber bring to you an online webinar on Managing Mental Health in the workplace during the Coronavirus Crisis, presented by Dr Rebecca Holt, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has over 10 years’ private experience and a 15 year career with the National Health Service in senior leadership roles. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has catapulted us into unknown territory and a desperately different way of living. As we consume the ever-changing news and navigate our ‘new normal’ of very limited social interaction, feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness and overwhelm are rife and seriously risk compromising our mental health.

This 60 minute bespoke webinar applies the ‘ACT’ (Acceptance and commitment therapy) model to help manage this unique scenario we find ourselves in today and is available to all members (£80.00 + VAT) and non-members (£99.00 + VAT) of East Midlands Chamber taking place on Wednesday 24 March 2021 from 12.00pm to 1.00 pm.

Book your place via the EMC portal on

Further details are available from Emma Quainton, Business Development Director at Hope Health on

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Nicole O'Callaghan

MHFA Adult & Youth Instructor BA Honours Business Keynote Speaker (PTSD, Stigma, Suicide, Resilience)
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