Top 5 Tips when putting together a workplace wellbeing programme for the year

Not quite the New Year we expected but a good time for reflection and to ensure our workplace wellbeing programme is in place for the year. 

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Here is Hope Health & Wellbeing' top tips when putting together a workplace wellbeing programme for 2021

1. Align your wellbeing objectives with your overall business objectives for the company. How does health and wellbeing fit into the business strategy? If the answer is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘they don’t’ then there needs to be some work to align these objectives

2. Define clear objectives for your wellbeing programme – what are the issues that need to be tackled? Do you have an issue with high staff turnover, sickness absence or low motivation?

3. Who are the key stakeholders in your heath and wellbeing programme and how much input do they have over decision making? Can you demonstrate the value or your wellbeing programme to each of these stakeholders? If not, what data will they need to see to convince them?

4. What does success look like to you? Work out what your measures of success will be – is it employee engagement and positive feedback? Is it demonstrating an effect on HR data such as sickness absence, turnover and estimated presenteeism? How will you measure these metrics?

5. Continually reassess – if you’re not getting closer to meeting your objectives, your programme needs to have the flexibility to adapt.

If you still require help with your programme and planning, reach out to one of Hope Health's friendly workplace wellbeing consultants who will support you on this journey and beyond 

Nicole O'Callaghan

MHFA Adult & Youth Instructor BA Honours Business Keynote Speaker (PTSD, Stigma, Suicide, Resilience)
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